[CWB] query optimization

Serge Sharoff S.Sharoff at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Aug 9 16:31:34 CEST 2006

Not sure if Stefan is available, of course, he has much better knowledge of CWB intricacies.  But from what I learned during our May meeting in Forli, there's no possibility to correct this in the nearest future, as the query is essentially sequential, with a query converted into an FSA.  At the same because of some bug/feature in CQP the index of all occurrences of the first word in the query is computed twice, making "the" "world" a monster interms of its processing time.  A way to optimise this is by using the MU syntax:
MU(meet "the" "world" 0 1)
(32 vs. just 2.3 sec on the BNC)
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> Hi again,
> Reading http://corpus.leeds.ac.uk/help.html reminded me that cqp does
> not seem to do query optimization based on the frequency of the various
> query tokens. For instance, in the BNC
>   > "end" "of";
> and
>   > "the" "world";
> has approximately the same number of hits, but the second is much slower
> (since it has a common word first).
> Shouldn't this be a relatively easy thing to fix?
> cheers,
> lars
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