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Stefan Evert stefan.evert at uos.de
Wed Aug 30 16:32:51 CEST 2006

And again ... *gaaaaaaah* ... now I'm sending it as an encrypted ZIP  
archive, as the mailing list server suggests, and you'll have to find  
out how to decrypt it.  Password is "ihatesslmit". ;o)

2nd attempt ... the stupid mailing list host at SSLMIT doesn't allow  
gzipped Linux binaries in messages (which it calls "banned filename  
(.exe)"), so I'm trying a .tar.gz archive now ...

Hi everybody!

On 29 Aug 2006, at 18:27, Serge Sharoff wrote:

> Can you try the following queries on your copies of the BNC:
> MU (meet [lemma="patient"&word="patients"] [lemma="with"] -0 1)
> MU (meet [lemma="patient"&pos="JJ"] [lemma="with"] -0 1)
> MU (meet [word="patients"&pos="JJ"] [lemma="with"] -0 1)
> In my version of CWB the second condition never gets checked. (for
> consistency with other corpora the orginal C5 tags from the BNC have
> been mapped onto the Penn tagset as output by Treetagger).  If it's  
> not
> a glitch in my verion (CWB-2.2.b95 (1 Mar 2006)) this should be the
> third candidate for the most important bug fixes.

Thanks for digging up this problem and filing a bug report on the  
sf.net page, Serge!  While I was trying to identify the cause of the  
problem (which turned out to be as silly as such bugs always are), I  
stumbled on a very big and mean memory leak in the implementation of  
MU queries ...

I think I've been able to fix both bugs (in version 2.2.b97) and hope  
to make the CWB sourcecode available soon.  In the meantime, I've  
attached a Linux binary of CQP with the bugfix applied - thorough  
testing would be very welcome!

Best & thanks again,

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