[CWB] Re: cwb-align error

Hardie, Andrew a.hardie at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Jan 18 19:31:40 CET 2011

To explain: the problem is probably not with cwb-align. cwb-align is
failing because it can't access your data or because the data file is
empty, which means there is probably a problem with one of the previous
steps - I was asking about your data directory because the files it
contains (and the sizes of those files) may be a hint as to *which*
step; could you give the full list of files?

Also, have you been able to access that corpus via other programs, e.g.
can you run single-corpus CQP queries or cwb-decode successfully?



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Thanks, but can you perhaps be a bit more specific? I have several
non-empty files in this data directory, among those also file names
starting with "word." eg. "word.corpus.cnt" and "word.huf" etc. They
should be accessible. There are words in the corpus.

I am using CWB version 3.0. I am told that cwb-align worked with the
same settings and switches with CWB 2.2. on a different Linux. Maybe I
should switch to an earlier version of CWB?



This error message is triggered if cwb-align can't load the file that
contains the word attribute of corpus 1, or if there were 0 words in the
corpus. Can you check the contents of your data directory for the corpus



On 18 January 2011 18:29, Kaarel Veskis <minuepost at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> I am new to CWB and I have this little problem. Everything else seems
> to be working, except adding prealigned texts to CWB with cwb-align. I
> get the following error:
> $ cwb-align -v -o
> /home/kveskis/corpora/cwb/Estfracorp/Alignfiles/diversfr.align -S s
> cwb-align: data access error (DIVERSFR-ET.word)
> I would appreciate any thoughts about what could be the cause of this
> All the best,
> Kaarel
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