[CWB] CWB::CQP::More version 0.04

Alberto Simões ambs at di.uminho.pt
Mon Jan 24 20:23:39 CET 2011


Just to let you all know that CWB::CQP::More, version 0.04, just hit 
CPAN. Main changes can be resumed in the implementation of iterators 
over result sets.

   my @A = $cqp->cat("A");

This is a problem is @A is too big.

Now, I can:

   my $iterator = $cqp->iterator("A");
   my $line = $iterator->next;

This way one can iterate over the results, one at a time.

Iterators can get bigger sizes, and optionally, a corpus name:

   my $iterator = $cqp->iterator("A", corpus => "foo", size => 20);
   my @lines = $iterator->next;

The corpus option makes it possible to switch to other corpora and have 
the iterator always working.

Hope it can be useful (for me, it is :))


Alberto Simões

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