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On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 5:48 AM, Stefan Evert <stefanML at collocations.de>

Hi Stefan,

As Andrew pointed out, the root cause of the problem is that your corpus
> seems to contain a sentence of several hundred million tokens (so it
> formats to over 2 GiB).  This easily happens if there's a missing </s> tag
> somewhere in the middle and you encode with "-S s:0" (because the following
> sentences are nested in the one that hasn't been closed).  You probably got
> warnings about missing </s> tags when you encoded the corpus, didn't you?
If you can't be sure that the structural annotation in a corpus is
> well-formed XML, it's often better to do a flat encode with "-S s".

I encoded this corpus some years ago, so I have no recollection of what
warnings I received. But I can say this was the set of options I used:

-xsB -P lemma -P pos -P spos -P tag -P subtag -S s:0 -S p:0 -S

And I do indeed have -S s:0, as well as -S p:0 and even -S text:0+... From
reading the encoding tutorial, the :0 option seems to prevent nested
elements, which sounded like a good idea... at the time. Would it be
advisable to drop the :0 from all three elements above, or only from s:0?


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