[CWB] Spanish TreeTagger

Meier-Vieracker, Simon simon.meier at tu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 30 11:03:54 CEST 2017

Sorry for posting a question not concerning CQP in the first place but the TreeTagger for Spanish texts:

Using the script „tree-tagger-spanish“ a list of multiword expressions is included in the tagging procedure, e.g. printing 

> Por el contrario	ADV	por~el~contrario

For CQPweb has problems with this and displays it as "[UNREADABLE] [UNREADABLE] contrario“ I wonder if I should to a normal tokenizing. However, I am not sure whether users familiar with tagged Spanish texts will expect „por el contrario“ as a multiword token (for my part, I don’t speak Spanish).

Or is this a bug of my CQPweb v3.2.27?

Best, Simon


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