[CWB] multiple commands with WebCqp::Query

Stefan Evert stefan.evert at uos.de
Fri Aug 18 15:34:48 CEST 2006

> Back to our May meeting in Forli.  We planned an activity for
> development of a common interface and extra functionality, such as a
> simplified quuery language, facilities for making frequency lists,
> subcorpus creation, etc.  Stefan wanted to produce a blueprint for the
> architecture.  Do you still have the notes?

Yes, I still have a stack of notes from the meeting that I wanted to  
write up and post somewhere. Thanks for setting up the CSAR project  
as a home for such documentation and discussion!

I must admit that I can't find all my notes at the moment, but I'm  
sure I've got them somewhere in the (moderate) chaos on my desk.

I'm still waiting to find some time to write a Perl implementation of  
CEQL (the Common Elementary Query Language, which can conveniently be  
pronounced "sequel") that will also include full documentation of the  
query syntax.  I used Parse::RecDescent for the BNCweb implementation  
of CEQL, but the parsers generated by this module are huge and slow  
(i.e., the Perl code needs up to .5 seconds to be compiled whenever a  
simple query is executed), so I'm looking for a better solution.  In  
the meantime, I could post the BNCweb syntax summary and perhaps also  
the provisional implementation if you think this would be useful.

> I created a Sourceforge project for this at:
> http://csar.sourceforge.net/
> Anyone wanting to join?

Yes, I'd like to join the project. Can you add me (schtepf) to the  
list of developers?

Thanks & all the best,

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