[CWB] Re: [PATCH] Fix CWB-CL and cl_canonical function call

Alberto Simões ambs at di.uminho.pt
Mon Jan 17 17:36:07 CET 2011

   News on these patches?

BTW: would be happy to patch directly the repository if you wish.


On 05/01/2011 17:26, Alberto Simões wrote:
> Hello
> cl_canonical function call now receives an extra argument (charset).
> This patch fixes it and, of course, breaks compatibility to all other
> code that uses CWB::CL normalize method (but you have no other option, I
> guess).
> Yet again, this is a patch based on the C function call signature:
> adding an extra argument with the charset.
> Given that this method is called on an corpus object, it would be better
> if the corpus object had its charset information somewhere, and used it
> on all subsequent calls to normalize.
> At the moment, added a string argument to normalize, the name of the
> charset.
> Patch is in attach.
> I can supply more in depth patches, changing as described above, but I
> do not want to mess much with the code without the knowledge on if it
> will be used or not :)
> Thanks
> ambs

Alberto Simões

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